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Growth functions can be computed directly in the Excel worksheet by filling in the values or pasting it from the excel worksheet. Values related to weight, leaf area etc. can be pasted directly in the vacant cells and the formulae fitted in the cells will compute the CGR, RGR, LAR, NAR etc. A Help file is there to provide help. This software is, in fact, an excel workbook that can be opened by Microsoft Excel program. Beside growth functions it can be helpful in economic analysis and computation of weed indices like Weed Control efficiency and Weed index.  Interested persons can contact  at email address:

To make it a full functional program a token money of Rs250/- is being charged as a purchase price with the intention to help researchers in developing countries in improving their publications. From the money collected, help of professional programmers will be sought to make it a complete program. Purchase price is Rs 250/-